If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
— Dalai Lama

Mindfulness, Chi Kung, Taijiquan, Energy

Sifu Seán is an expert in the field of the internal arts, Body, Energy, Mind and Emotions.
He has been learning, practicing and teaching these beautiful arts for over 2 decades.


Seán has learnt a variety of martial art styles, as well as studying different healing and contemplative paradigms. 

He is a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor, Art therapist, Clinical Hypno and Ego State Therapist, and has a first class Bachelor of Arts Degree.

A certified Shaolin Wahnam Instructor and student of Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit of the Global Shaolin Wahnam Institute (www.shaolin.org) and is the creator and chief instructor of Body Energy Mind School of Internal Arts.

Sifu Seán practices and teaches Chi Kung, Taijiquan, Kung Fu, Zen, is a Chi Kung / Reiki / Energy Re-calibration specialist and has practiced the contemplative arts of meditation for over 20 years.


Sifu Seán became initiated into the art of meditation in 1999 whilst living in Hamburg Germany.  He later found his current contemplative teacher in 2002 when returning to the UK before he emigrated to Australia in 2003.

He met both his most influential healing arts teachers in 2008.  Through learning from them directly and practicing their disciplines, he discovered how wonderfully simple, direct and effective these healing arts are in assisting others with the clearance of dis-ease from the body, mind and emotions, into a more grounded centred, present and authentic state of being.

The Contemplative, Martial and the Healing Arts have been Seán’s creative passion since his mid 20’s and has derived wonderful healing and health benefits from both areas; and witnessed it in the lives of many others.

However Seán found his true passion lay within the fields of Mindfulness, Energy Re-calibration and Heart Connection as these are the areas where he has learnt the most personally.


The Three Treasures of Shaolin

Jin = (Body)

the physical form

Chi = (Energy)

Our life force, vital energy system

Shen = (Mind)

Path of heart, Spirit, DEEPER connection with self. 

We train the Body, to Cultivate our Energy, to Develop the Mind.


Sifu Sean created BODY ENERGY MIND to reflect the Three Treasures of Shaolin, a way to become holistically grounded and connected with ones self from the foundations up. 

Learning to be MINDFUL is learning to be Self Aware, IN THE MOMENT, and being truly in the moment is where the HEART is.
— Sifu Seán

Mission Statement:

Re-connecting humanity through the heart.


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