Students wrapped up warm and braved the elements during last weekends Coburg Monthly Chi Kung Workshop.
Originally training was to be inside, however we were blessed with fresh air and bouts of sunshine on our backs. Luckily the torrential downpour held off until after the class had finished smile emoticon

These shots were taken during practice of the wonderful Chi Kung exercise Carrying the Moon, and shows students in Chi Flow afterwards.

Carrying the Moon's benefits are: Promoting youthfulness, great for the spine, enhances the nervous system, and generates allot of Chi Flow.


Huge congrats to Tracy for recently completing the Fundamentals of the 18 Lohan Hands weekly Chi Kung class. Fantastic effort for learning a wonderful set of personal tools for building health, vitality and wellbeing.  8 months of commitment to weekly classes and daily practice paid off and has helped create strong foundations in the Internal Arts and more importantly in understanding a deeper sense of self.


This is a video of Sifu Michael Agar and myself demonstrating the fabulous Chi Kung Set called the Dragon Strength Chi Circulation Set, on Easter Saturday at the Chinese Museum in Bendigo, as part of the annual Chinese Cultural Festival.
We took part on the day in order to connect with the Bendigo Chinese Association, the Golden Dragon Museum and its community, and of course to show respect to our teacher Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit whom taught us this wonderful Set last December in Penang Malaysia.

To view the video please use the below link:

Chi Kung Fundamentals Workshop at the Golden Dragon Museum Bendigo Nov 2014

Students practicing Lifting the Sky, under the pavilion in the beautiful and tranquil Happy Garden at the Museum

Students practicing Lifting the Sky, under the pavilion in the beautiful and tranquil Happy Garden at the Museum

We had a fabulous day in the Golden Dragon Museum Bendigo at the end of November last year. www.goldendragonmuseum.org 
It was a very hot day, however we were ornately shaded under the wonderful traditionally crafted Chinese Pavillion in the Beautiful Yi Yuan Gardens.  We had three members of the Bendigo Chinese Associations Lion Dance Team join the group for the Chi Kung workshop.

Chi Kung Fundamentals Workshop Coburg 22nd Nov 2014

We had a fabulous day, at the back of the First Coburg Scout Hall last Saturday.
11 of us training under the shade of a big tree during a warm, gentle breezy morning and afternoon Workshop. 
The participants were a very hearty group and thus connected as a nice little Chi Kung community for the day. 
The energy was in abundance and the group stepped very quickly into the flow of things.
Lots of fun and a great experience for everyone :)

Workshop participants enjoying the Chi Kung Pattern (Carrying the Moon).
Benefits: Give the spine a workout, thus great for assisting the relief of back problems.  Enhances the nervous system, revitalizes and promotes youthfulness.

Chi Kung Workshop at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem

Taught a 1 hour Chi Kung Fundamentals Workshop to the staff at the Hospice on Wednesday 29th Oct 2014.  
The weather wasn't looking great in the morning, however by 3pm the sun was out and were were able to do the workshop out in the gardens of the Hospice under the shade of the trees.

The participants, were able to take time out from their very hectic and very important work schedule and use the opportunity to breath the fresh air, enter a space of calm, stillness and peace during the Chi Kung session.  Even the 2 campus dogs seemed to enjoy the experience :)

It was a fabulous opportunity to assist the professionals within their working environment by helping them re-charge their energy levels, calm their minds and clear away build up of daily working tension within the body, mind and emotions.



Had 2 great Introduction workshops at Packer Park Hall, 120 Leila Rd, Carnegie last Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Monday was an Intro workshop for the Fundamentals to Chi Kung 19:30 - 20:30pm
Tuesday was an Intro Workshop for the Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan 19:30 - 20:30pm

This is to be the the regular venue and time for both classes throughout 2014 during school term.

It was a chilly winters night outside, both evenings however warm on inside the training hall with lots of Smiling from the Heart going on :)

During the Chi Kung Workshop students go to experience being relaxed in standing meditation and enter Chi kung State of Mind, practice some Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung and get a taste of Chi Flow moving through them, for Health, Vitality and General Wellbeing.

During the Tai Chi Chaun Workshop students had the opportunity to get a feel for stance training, moving in stances, Chi Kung, for Mental Clarity, Energy Building and Strengthening.
Students also had the opportunity to work together trying to be sensitive each others energy and movements with a small taster of Pushing Hands for fun :)

Regular Fundamentals Classes commence tonight Monday 21st July 2014 for the Chi Kung and tomorrow Tuesday 22nd July 2014 for the Tai Chi Chuan

Why not come along and join in the on the fun and the Chi Flow.

Sifu Seán

The training hall at  Packer Park Pavillion, 120 Leila Rd, Carnegie

The training hall at Packer Park Pavillion, 120 Leila Rd, Carnegie


We had a great Chi Kung workshop on Sunday morning :)
Location: Om Shanti Center, 24 Terang Av, Burwood East, 3151 Vic

Helen Sharp (the owner of the center), Rob Montgomery (the organizer) and 4 intrigued participants came together through the Meet Up community and the Eastern Suburbs Healthy Happiness Group. 

We shared an enjoyable, relaxing, informative and most importantly experiential 90 minutes. Connecting with each other and experiencing a basic introduction to the fundamentals of
Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung.

During the workshop we were:

-Learning to relax and enter a Chi Kung State of Mind
-Smiling from the Heart :)
-Learning & practicing Lifting the Sky (one of the 18 Lohan Hands Chi Kung Exercises)
-Getting in-touch with our Vital Energy and experiencing Chi flow moving through our body's

It was a fabulous start to the day and great opportunity to meet new people and share such a wonderful life enriching, health enhancing art form.

Organizer Rob and Healing Centre owner Helen, relaxed and enjoying Standing Meditation after the workshop

Organizer Rob and Healing Centre owner Helen, relaxed and enjoying Standing Meditation after the workshop