Balance and realign your energy system.
Cleanse sickness, illness and disease from your body, mind and emotions.

Sifu Seán has been trained in the beautiful Energy Therapeutic Arts of Chi Kung, Energy Recalibration and Reiki. 

The healing arts are a wonderful way to recalibrate, balance and realign your energy system. It helps clear stagnant or stale energy, rust and dust, toxic energy, sickness and dis-ease from your body, mind and emotions.


The Energy therapist works with you either in a lying on a treatment table or in a seated position. Through a system of recalibration, the therapist tunes into your energy field, focusing on realigning and balancing your vital energy and auric system, in order to clear dis-ease, stagnant or stale energy blockages from your body, mind and emotions.

All that you needs to do is let go, relax and enjoy the beautiful process of cleansing.


In Chi Kung Therapy you learn a system of standing Chi Kung Cleansing exercises, some exercises may be specific, depending on the type of illness.

Through a process called Chi Flow you learn to tune into your own vital energy system allowing cleansing energy to flush into and through your body mind and emotions.

The Chi Kung Therapist may also work directly with you similar to traditional energy therapy allowing universal energy (Chi) to flow through them and into you clearing out blocked, stagnant or stale energy, allowing cleansing and re-vitalised Chi to flow, re-balancing and harmonising the system.


Sifu Seán practicing one of his favourite Chi Kung Patterns (Plucking Stars)
Helps overcome liver and gallbladder problems.


A Synergy Therapy Treatment utilizes the healing paradigms that Sifu Seán has learned over the last 20 years and combines them with High Tech Bio Mat, and Sound Wave technology.



Using combined Energy Therapies to retune, recalibrate and realign your vital energy system.


A heated medical therapy bed that helps you to fully relax and let go physically.

This high tech mattress made with Rows of Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals produce Fra Infrared Waves and Negative Ions that warm cleanse and deeply relax the body. Improving circulation, detoxification and calms the central nervous system.


During the Synergy Treatment relaxing sound wave music is played to further calm your conscious mind allowing for a deeper state of peace to be attained during the healing process.

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